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We’re all aware that too much sun can cause skin cancer, but did you know the sun’s ultraviolet rays can also do lasting damage to your eyes?

That’s why it’s important for everyone to wear sunglasses and other lenses that block UV...

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Maui is one of the lushest, most vibrant places on earth. Yet its intense sunlight creates conditions that hide the beauty of the island. That’s why PolarizedPlus2® technology goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV to reveal...

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Gone are the days when spectacle wearers had to change glasses in order to see comfortably in different light conditions. Sensity photochromic lenses were developed to react consistently to light, UV and temperature. They darken quickly when you...

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Sensity light-reactive lenses adapt to their surroundings so your eyes don’t have to: they darken to sunglasses outdoors and quickly fade back to full clarity indoors. So whatever your day looks like, you’ll always have a solution at...

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Ray-Ban REMIX // Do You
Customize your own pair of iconic sunglasses. In other words, Do You. 

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Do you stare at digital devices all day? Do your contact lenses get dry and uncomfortable by the end of the day? There’s a new contact lens that keeps up with today’s digital demands. Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® contact lenses with MoistureSeal®...

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With MoistureSeal technology, your contacts feel comfortable – even at the end of the day.

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Details matter. They’re the difference between hesitation and confidence. Finishing, and a personal best. Winning, and losing. Introducing the most advanced lens technology yet, Oakley Prizm. See what you’ve been missing.

Learn more 

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The effects of mobile computing on health

Our world has been inundated with mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and portable gaming systems are used daily. The proliferation of these electronic devices has been interwoven into the...

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Revolutionary soft contact lens

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The world's first and only water gradient contact lenses.

In a survey, eye care professionals rated DAILIES TOTAL1® Contact Lenses highest in overall performance.1



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- Putting your contact lenses in is easier than you think. Watch this short video to learn the proper way to apply your DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses, designed for a full day of refreshing comfort. In a few minutes, you'll be on your...

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- It's bedtime and you're ready to take out your DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses. After a full day of refreshing comfort, removing your contact lenses is simple and easy. You watched how easy it was to put in your DAILIES® AquaComfort...

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